Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Original Merengue, at Corazón, tonight!!!!!

Hola! It's Cha! I wrote a new Merengue and the musicians of Guaracha are ready to take it for a ride, tonight at Corazón! Miss this and you miss a good thing! Come dance, party, sing, eat and drink at the Latin cultural experience known as Corazón!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's the Holiday Season at Corazón!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was packed! It seems like Pittsburgh always comes out with more passion in the cold and snow. Meanwhile Guaracha is displaying some passion of it's own. Cha is working on some new arrangements and some new originals that will be going into rehearsal very soon and will be featured as soon as next Wednesday. Tonight promises to be especially hot! A couple of the most elite and talented Jazz musicians from Pittsburgh's scene have recently returned from abroad and may be sitting in, this week and next week! Also, because it's the holidays Cha can surely be depended on to call a very popular, danceable and seasonal selection from the Guaracha set list. The song is called "Aguinaldo" and it is a Puertorican form of freestyle, always performed around the holidays! Latin culture even makes Christmas caroling sultry and danceable! Anyway, its a fun song and freestyling in Spanish is always exciting to watch. Enjoy!

The Ballroom Dancers are starting to represent at Corazón!

Last week was the most well attended, hottest Corazón fiesta in the history of East Side Pittsburgh!!! Now Pittsburgh knows that Corazón on Wednesdays is the undisputed, Number One Live Latin Party in Town! It seems that the party even attracted a lot of the Ballroom dance crowd too! Bienvenidos! Welcome! Tonight Guaracha will perform again with some of the Burgh's finest live musicians, dance lessons, drink specials, and more! At 8:00 tonight, it may be snowing outside, but in the Shadow Lounge we'll be enjoying the tropical heat of the islands, all night! See you there! Amor!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When the trump sounds!!!

I'm excited to reveal that 2 of Pittsburgh's most talented musicians have suggested that they would perform with Guaracha Latin Dance Band at Corazón tonight! The legendary trumpets of Mark Custer and Ian Gordon win acclaim wherever they are heard! Mark Custer will definitely be there to show off his legendary chops and majestic tone! His horn is sure to deliver a performance that will exhilarate and enthrall his audience! Plus!!!
Rumor has it that Ian Gordon may attend as well to share the game changing innovation and pure style that have brought him renown from all audiences and respect from all peers. If you enjoy or support live music in the Burgh, you are probably coming to Corazon tonight to party! Amor!
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Corazón for Thanksgiving!!! Try it. you'll love it!

Corazón at Shadow Lounge is going to be super hot, tonight! It's the night before Thanksgiving! That means party people all over the Burgh are OFF OF WORK tomorrow! This is your chance to dance Salsa and join the Fiesta at Corazón!!! Amor!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


November 9,2011, Corazón!...Guaracha Latin Dance Band featuring Phat Mandee!

             Guaracha invites you to come out on Wednesday,
                        November 16, 2011 to experience...

                                  at Shadow Lounge!!!

The free Salsa lessons at the fiesta will be key for those who want to learn Latin dance. If you already know how to dance, then the Live Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggeton, Rumba, and Bolero will be        your chance party in the Latino style!

                   Only $5 for 18+ and $3 for 21+!!!!!

 Bring canned goods and they will go to the Greater Pittsburgh       Community Food Bank!

                               happens at
                           Shadow Lounge
          5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
                on the East Side of Pittsburgh
                                                  Every Wednesday!!!

                                Doors are open at 8:00pm
                       LIVE Latin Music at 8:30pm-1:00am

                                            See you at the party!